What?! You’re not on Facebook?

Do you get that a lot? Ok so not everyone is on Facebook, but chances are a lot of your friends are. There are many reasons why you may not be a Facebook user, but we want to make sure that one of them is not because you don’t know how to sign up or use it.

Many people use Facebook to stay connected to their family and friends. Being able to share photos, videos with your friends is a fun way to engage with others especially now during these very trying times where we may be feeling isolated.

In Facebook there are so many groups you can join where people can share information and experiences. Examples of groups could be; a buy swap sell group – where people can post items for sale in their local area; an interest group – like gardening, food, dogs, conservation, motorbikes, lego; a support group –for people with different health conditions….Really anything you are interested in or want information about, there is probably a group for that, and if there isn’t, you can make one!

Facebook Live is another feature that is gaining popularity. It is where a user can broadcast their content live to their followers. This could be anything from a live concert by musicians, a dance class or a tutorial. Some of our courses at Kyneton Community House will now be moving online, and many will be using the Facebook Live feature.

So if you have been in two minds about signing up, maybe now’s the perfect time!

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