Community Art Project

Funded through Adult Continuing Further Education


Join in and connect to your community. Lets build on what it means to be part of and living in a community.  Bringing ideas, simple techniques and fun for every family member to take part in a free and easy 10 week adventure.

This is a free, easily accessed and fun activity. Over the next few weeks dive into little weekly art projects that can be short or long, using simple tools and materials from your home. Building to a final piece that will be shared with the whole community. All ages and abilities.

Create a voice that is a whole community with the final project reflecting our times and the way we are living. One big communal image that carries our dreams, ideas and wishes out into the world.

About your teacher

Deita will be your guide through the Community Art Project. She’ll be taking videos for the crafty tasks, giving tutorials and sharing examples and you’ll be able to comment and chat on our Facebook page, ask questions, upload images of work and ideas that are all things community and art.

A bit about Deita. “I have tried so many different art techniques (I sometimes get dizzy!), but my most favourite is collage. I also love printmaking, patterns, and mural art. I love Play School’s amazing way they create things, the lovely drawings in Studio Ghibli, Autumn in central Victoria, a new set of 72 Derwent pencils (the best rainbow), art shops (drool), garden dreaming, honey toast at 11sies and baked potatoes around a camp fire!”

Once you have enrolled you will receive an email with an invitation to a Facebook Group.  Our Project Facilitator, Deita, will be posting activities and information through the group.  Participants will also be able to post their work in progress and interact with Deita and each other.

These Adult Continuing Further Education (ACFE) courses are free to participate in, however we will require you to complete the enrolment form below as part of the funding we receive.

Children are very welcome to join in, however an adult will be required to enrol and supervise them in the Facebook group.

Enrolment form